How to Fully Understand Your Child's Learning Style
Demystifying Learning Styles: 
What Every Homeschool Parent Needs to Know

homeschool learning styles book

How to fully understand your child's learning style

Helping our children learn can be challenging. Often, the methods that worked for us in school don’t seem to work for our kids. A lesson we review ad nauseam is forgotten the next day, and we’re met with a blank expression or “I don’t remember ever talking about that.” It can feel like we and our kids are speaking different languages while we teach. 

Learn how to teach your child based on their learning style. 

By reading this book, parents will:

Learn the difference between modalities and intelligence

Know how to talk with their kids about multi-tasking during their schoolwork

Learn what to look for when choosing curriculum and textbooks

Discover strategies for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learners

Discover a framework for choosing what classes to take and what to skip

homeschool learning styles book


"Your kids want you to read this book. If you love your kids—which I know you do—you will take this important information to heart and adopt a teaching style that supports how each of your kids learns best. And the good news is it's easy to do. Tyler includes practical suggestions to show you how. You can do this!"

This book is for you if...

you want to make educational memories that last.

  • Finally understand when, how, and why to use your children's learning modalities
  • Understand how your child's learning space effects their concentration
  • Bust common and harmful learning-style myths
homeschool learning styles book


".... this book is more than its title suggests. .... In a readable 86 pages, Tyler explains the current understanding of memory, concentration, motivation, and intelligences. He also applies each one to teaching in homeschool and in class. Then the author shows how the current research should affect how we choose curriculum and how we assess our children’s progress. Key points are summarized at the end of each chapter."

Kathy Kuhl, Learn Differently

demystifying learning styles Tyler Hogan book

About the Author

Tyler Hogan is the president of Bright Ideas Press. He and his wife, Helen, are both homeschool graduates and now homeschool their five adorable children. Tyler is the author of North Star Geography and Demystifying Learning Styles, head cartographer of WonderMaps, and game designer of Civitas.

When not at home, he speaks and teaches about homeschooling, geography, the arts, worldview, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He is an elder at Grace Church, where he also serves as Christian Education Coordinator. In his spare time, he loves reading good books, playing games with friends, drinking good tea, and enjoying the adventure of lifelong learning. He has a BA in theatre ministries from
Belhaven University.

If we want our students to absorb, remember, and use a large amount of information, we need to make it easy for them to remember. - Tyler Hogan

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